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Online Executive Protection Course

Executive Protection | Security Management | Physical Security

Are you interested in completing an online Close Protection course?  Does learning about physical security, executive protection, and other related industry niches excite you? The bodyguard industry is growing and needs quality people. So, we’re glad you’re here!  In today’s world, protection of people & assets is an ever-growing need with no end in sight. Whether you’re already working in security, leaving the military, retiring from law enforcement, etc. – our course can help prepare you! 

Online Executive Protection Course

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Online Bodyguard Training

Our courses prepare security officers, guards, supervisors & managers to provide quality services to their employers and/or clients. Inside the world of security, you’ll find the need for very specifically trained officers.  This occupational arena is extremely important. Completing an online executive protection course can give you an edge when competing for clients. 

Industry Definitions

Access Control System – An interconnected set of controllers, managing the entrance and exit of people through secure areas.

Alarm Mask – The ability to selectively suppress the annunciation of certain alarm conditions, but allow all other alarm conditions to be properly reported.

Biometrics – A general term for the verification of individuals using unique biological characteristics (i.e. fingerprints, hand geometry, voice analysis, the retinal pattern in the eye).

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – Excess electromagnetic energy radiated by an electrical device that may affect the operation of other electrical devices.

Keypad – An alphanumeric grid that allows a user to enter an identification code.

Memory – The section of a host computer or a controller in which data and instructions are stored.

Modem – A communication device that converts computer serial data to an analog format that can be transmitted and received via telephone.

Panic Bar – A quick-release door lock allowing the door to be quickly opened in the case of an emergency situation. Also Known As – Crash Bar.

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